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Eppo Reimagined: Unveiling a Bold New Identity

Old Eppo Logo

Eppo, an A/B testing tool for accelerating product development, just undergone a significant rebranding effort. Collaborating with Moving Brands, they've refreshed their brand to showcase their growth and future plans.

New Brand Identity

Moving Brands approached Eppo’s identity design by embracing the experimental mindset. They encouraged Eppo to "lean into the weird" and push beyond traditional boundaries. The results are:

  • New Logo: A versatile logo composed of modular shapes that shift and rearrange, becoming more detailed as they scale up.
  • Color Palette: Features a striking combination of purple and acid green, designed to be attention-grabbing and unique, perfectly capturing Eppo's innovative and bold approach.
  • Graphic Patterns: Made of blocks and linear forms, allowing for continuous experimentation and creating dynamic expressions.

With these fresh design updates, Eppo's appearance now effectively mirrors their passion for experimentation and innovative thinking!

Source: Eppo' Blog

Brand Vision Alignment

Eppo's revamp is centered around a new logo that highlights experimentation. The updated logo and new graphic patterns keep the dynamic approach alive, creating cool and inspiring designs. This isn't just a new look; it's Eppo declaring they're all about pushing limits and exploring new ideas.

But there's more to it than just a visual change. They're on a mission. As they keep growing and stepping into new markets, having a solid, united brand is key. This fresh rebranding boosts Eppo's market presence and strengthens their connection with customers and partners.

Source: Moving Brand Project Page

Growth Reflection

The journey of Eppo's transition to a new identity was not an easy process. It took several months, involved multiple rounds of design, feedback, and refinement. According to Eppo's official blog,

Our new visual identity system is designed to grow with us, reflecting our mission to empower organizations through effective experimentation.
Source: Moving Brand Project Page

During the rebranding process, Eppo's team was driven by some profound thoughts from their customers. They wanted to emphasize that customer’s belief about Eppo was front and center in their new identity.

We were more interested in reflecting what our customers believed about us, rather than the other way around.

Moreover, after engaging to their customers, respected colleagues, and advisors, Eppo discovered the key aspects that set them apart:

  • Their customers are innovators who challenge traditional methods, push boundaries, and continuously seek new ways to improve their work
  • Eppo offers a transformative approach to business operations: enabling more ideas to be implemented, accelerating the learning process, and fostering agile and efficient teamwork.
  • Eppo's strength is in its vast experimentation know-how and the variety of companies it’s worked with. They use this experience to support their customers daily, helping them make informed decisions and unite their teams around innovative practices.
Source: Moving Brand Project Page

In summary, Eppo's rebranding not only refreshes its look but also boosts its strategic vision. With this new identity, Eppo is set to lead in experimentation, marking an exciting new era. Their commitment to innovation and excellence stands out, reinforcing their mission to help organizations make smart, data-driven decisions.

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