September 6th, 2021

Fandom's Rebrand


Nic Brandenberger, VP of Consumer Marketing at Fandom, talked about how they built a task force from various departments to help with the rebranding, the stories behind their new logo and slogan, and the vocal response to the changes from their engaged community.

What prompted Fandom’s rebranding? When and how did the conversation start?

The idea of a rebranding became tangible and compelling in 2020, when the team saw a number of elements converging toward a unique, consumer-noticeable change in Fandom's brand experience: we’ve decided to migrate our Gamepedia wikis into the Fandom domain. 

At the same time, we’ve planned for a significant refresh of the Fandom product experience and also kicked off a major initiative to drive more engagement amongst our 315 million monthly unique visitors.

Fandom's new brand

There was no way we could pass on this opportunity to modernize Fandom’s brand expression, and support all of these initiatives with an additional, strong signal for creators, fans and employees. The stars only very rarely align in such a way that a brand can genuinely claim that it’s “all-new”, but they did for us.

What was the rebranding process like?
Can you share the story behind your new logo?
Can you tell us more about the conceptualization of your slogan?
Do you have any advice for others thinking of rebranding to improve brand awareness?
How would you say is diversity manifested in Fandom’s new look?
How has the reception to the rebrand been like?