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Girlguiding Rebrands to Put Girls First

Girlguiding old logo
Girlguiding new logo

The UK youth organization for girls refreshed their brand.

"They’ve all been designed with girls at their heart and they’re designed to grow with them as they go from childhood into young adulthood." according to the brand's press release. "They’ve all been tested with different groups from across the UK too, so we know that the sections, and the main brand, appeal to lots of people."

UK's Girlguiding is a renowned organization dedicated to empowering and nurturing young girls, allowing them to develop skills, build friendships, and enjoy unforgettable experiences. Founded in 1910 by Robert Baden-Powell and his sister Agnes, Girlguiding has grown significantly, evolving into the largest voluntary movement for girls and young women in the UK. Today, it boasts over half a million members, with volunteers dedicating their time to inspire and support girls across the country.

Girlguiding is structured into various age-specific sections, including Rainbows (ages 5-7), Brownies (ages 7-10), Guides (ages 10-14), and Rangers (ages 14-18). These sections allow girls to engage in age-appropriate activities, ensuring a tailored and fulfilling experience. With the organization's core values focusing on inclusivity, friendship, and empowerment, it provides a safe and supportive environment where girls can thrive.

At the heart of Girlguiding is its comprehensive program, which features a diverse range of activities designed to develop essential life skills, promote physical fitness, and foster creativity. Girls can earn badges, participate in community service projects, and take part in international trips, all of which help them gain confidence and grow as individuals.

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