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Helgeland Museum Rebrands with Flexible Look that Blends Tradition and Innovation

Helgeland Museum old logo
Helgeland Museum new logo

This museum in Norway updated its logo and has a new visual identity to go with it.

"The new identity is anchored by the redesigned version of the ancient rock carving “Skiløperen” from Tro in Nordland. This powerful symbol represents the museum’s mission to bring the past to life and connect it with the present and future." says the agency behind the new brand, North.

Helgeland Museum icon

Helgeland Museum

Helgeland Museum logo
Helgeland Museum logo

Helgeland Museum is a regional museum located in Northern Norway, with several branches spread across the Helgeland region. The museum aims to document and promote the cultural heritage of the region through various exhibitions, collections, and research activities.

The museum's main branch is situated in the town of Mosjøen and is housed in a historic building that was originally built as a hotel in 1893. The museum's collections include items related to the local history of Helgeland, including objects from Sami culture, Viking artifacts, and traditional fishing equipment.

In addition to the main branch, Helgeland Museum has several other branches, including the Vefsn Museum, the Grane Bygdetun, and the Bindal Museum. These branches focus on specific aspects of Helgeland's cultural heritage, such as rural life, local industry, and the natural environment.

The museum offers a range of activities for visitors, including guided tours, workshops, and cultural events. It also collaborates with local schools to provide educational programs for students.

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