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Lancia rebrands with a ‘progressive classic’ logo

lancia old log
lancia new logo

The European car manufacturer has unveiled a new logo that will show up in its newest models.

"We did not create a new, flat logo to stand out in the digital word only, but a ‘progressive classic’ jewel that will shine in our next cars." said Teresa Mendicino, Lancia’s global design director in a press release.

A subsidiary of Stellanis, Lancia is an Italian car manufacturer that was founded in 1906 in Torino, Italy. The company was formerly known as Lancia & C in 1906 and was part of Fiat in 1969, but then reorganized into Lancia in 2007. 

The car manufacturer is most known for its creation of the unibody chassis, which was introduced through the Lambda in 1922, and the five-speed gearbox introduced through the Andrea in 1948.

Its most popular car model currently is the Lancia Ypsilon, a supermini car that was introduced in 2011 and has been in production ever since. The model is based after the updated Fiat 500 platform and was sold exclusively in Europe, but is now only available in Italy since 2017. 

Currently, it is Lancia’s only car model, but Stellanis announced that it is making plans to revive the brand and to launch more models for the car manufacturing company. Stellanis also announced that it will make ventures into selling Lancia models outside of Italy.

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