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mas rebrand shows that less is ‘more’

mas’s old logo
mas’s new logo

Cargo airline, mas, recently unveiled a major change in the company’s branding.

The Mexican-based airline is famous for specializing in the air freight transport of autoparts, floriculture, live animals, pharmaceuticals, perishables, live animals, and “dangerous goods” as defined by the International Air Transport Association. It also flies general products.

Mexico City International Airport is its main hub, which is connected to secondary ones in Los Angeles and Miami.

Aside from its home country and North America, its operations also extend to 11 more nations, namely:  Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Hong Kong, Peru, Thailand, and Venezuela.

Established in 1992, Mas Air is once again an independent operator after undergoing various corporate transformations. Its current fleet of aircraft consists of the A330-200P2F, A330-300P2F, B767-300BDSF, B767-200F, and the B767-300F.

Modernization and the strong support of Mexican businessmen have primed it to maximize the opportunities that are opening in the global air cargo market. It recently announced that it will fulfill its expansion plans of doubling its fleet by year-end 2022.

“The word ‘más’ is Spanish for ‘more’, fitting perfectly with the airline’s plans for: more aircraft, more routes and to be more customer-focused.” says Ricardo Saca, Office Managing Director at Cato Partners, the agency behind the rebranding. "It was important for us to really get to the heart of what the brand stands for, so we spoke to internal stakeholders at every level – allowing us to really understand the depth and breadth of the business and therefore design with this in mind.”

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