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Optum's new brand 'represents us at our best'

Optum old logo
Optum new logo

The American health services innovation company has unveiled a new look.

"Our wordmark represents us at our best," according to their brand page. "The roundness of our custom letterforms articulates our message in a way that is distinct, modern, friendly and accessible. By using our wordmark consistently and with confidence, we create recognition for Optum."

Founded in 2011, Optum is a pharmacy benefit manager and a healthcare provider for people across America. Optum became a subsidiary of the UnitedHealth Group when UHG merged its care delivery and pharmacy services, and since then the brand has been divided into three businesses: OptumHealth, OptumRx, and OptumInsight. 

Currently, the brand is giving healthcare services to more than 127 million Americans and has been the number one HSA provider in the U.S. In 2017 Optum accounted for almost half (about 44%) of UnitedHealth Group’s profits, and in 2019, Optum’s revenue surpassed $100 billion. The brand has also filled over 1.3 billion prescriptions through OptumRx and has saved $30 billion in annual health plans.

Optum’s goal is to make healthcare accessible and effective for every American and was accredited by the NCQA for the third year in a row for their Population Health Program. The brand’s goal also focuses on social responsibility by founding, a nonprofit organization that provides information to people who are pregnant.

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