August 30th, 2021

StackAdapt's Rebrand


Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-Founder and COO of StackAdapt, talked about saying goodbye to their startup days, how large companies choose a new logo, and why they focus on speed for their video campaign.

Can you introduce us to StackAdapt, your mission, and the early days of your brand?

The three of us, Ildar Shar, Yang Han, and myself, co-founded StackAdapt in 2014.  

Prior to launching the company, Ildar and I worked at an agency so we saw a clear need for a next-generation advertising platform. Once we met Yang, who just moved to Toronto from New York where he was building financial trading platforms, we knew we had a great team to see if we could get a minimum viable product to market.

We felt that we could offer a better platform that would use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at its core, would be intuitive to operate, and be built around delivering results to advertisers.

To launch a website we needed a logo, so Yang simply typed it out and used a color accent to emphasize the word “ad” within our name.

It was symbolic of our scrappiness as a startup, we didn’t care much about these details, but we were passionate about technology and solving client problems, so we threw ourselves into that from day one.

What prompted your rebranding? When did you and your team start thinking of rebranding StackAdapt?
How did the process go? Were there any pitfalls or problems that you encountered?
Are there any significant learnings or takeaways from this major rebranding?
Can you tell us more about your video campaign, “Speed that makes the difference?”
What has been the reception to your rebranding so far?
What's next for StackAdapt?