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The Bronx Museum’s rebrand captures the culture of its community

The Bronx Museum old logo
The Bronx Museum new logo

The New York-based museum has updated its brand identity.

“We’ve developed a new identity for the Bronx Museum that gives us all the tools to strengthen our presence in the Bronx, and to highlight our incredible programming to the city at large,” shares Klaudio Rodriguez, Executive Director of The Bronx Museum in a release. The rebrand will also accompany a renovation of the space.

The Bronx Museum icon

The Bronx Museum

The Bronx Museum logo
The Bronx Museum logo

The Bronx Museum of the Arts, mostly known as the Bronx Museum, is an art museum and cultural establishment located in New York. Founded in 1971, the Bronx Museum mainly exhibits American contemporary artwork and 20th-century artists, though it has also held exhibitions for artists and designers of color from all around the world such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America. 

The museum was a partnership between the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Bronx Council on the Arts. Currently, the museum has a permanent collection of over 800 paintings, sculptures, and the like.

Beyond displaying artwork, the museum is also known for hosting exhibitions as well as educational programs. In the 1980s, the Bronx Museum hosted a high-profile exhibition of computer-generated artworks, which was a growing medium at the time. The museum also hosts an annual “The Artist In The Marketplace” program wherein selected artists are invited to network with other professionals and exhibit their works.

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