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World Organization for Animal Health rebrands to increase clarity for its mandate

WOAH old logo
WOAH new logo

Formerly known as Office International des Épizooties, World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) reveals a new logo, visual identity, and narrative.

"As the interdependence of animal health systems with human health, livelihoods and ecosystems has never been more apparent, therebrand comes at a crucial moment," according to an article on their website. "The need for international coordination and mobilisation is clear, not only to those working in the global health sector, but also increasingly to policymakers and the general public."

WOAH icon

World Organisation for Animal Health

WOAH logo
WOAH logo

Founded in 1924, the organization renamed to the World Organization for Animal Health in May 2003. WOAH aims to improve animal welfare and their health on a global scale. The organization is currently headquarted in Paris, though it has offices in every continent, both regional and sub-regional.

The World Organization for Animal Health started during an International Conference on Epizootic Diseases of Domestic Animals in 1921, where diplomats from 43 countries called for an organization to be created to control the spread of animal diseases. Since then, the organization has had 182 members as of 2018.

The organization has maintained relations with 70 other organizations, both regional and international. The World Trade Organization recognizes WOAH as a reference organization and in 2017, and is entitled to the benefits of the International Organizations Immunities Act. The organization offers various services including, Veterinary and Aquatic Animal Services, Reference Centers, as well as provide Veterinary Products.

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