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Yum Bun rebrands with an optimistic new look

Yum Bun old logo
Yum Bun new logo

The London-based brand unveiled a new visual brand and identity.

"The new look aims to amp up the former branding's "feel-good vibes" through a soft pastel colour palette." according to an article about the rebranding. "Since Yum Bun is "London's original streetside bao" and "takes street food back to its OG meaning," according to How&How, the brand strategy, visual identity, and tone of voice look to reflect that sense of "progressive optimism"."

Yum Bun, a pioneering street food brand in the UK, has redefined the concept of fast, casual dining with their innovative bao creations. Inspired by Japanese Izakaya-style cooking, Yum Bun's steamed buns combine East and West flavors in a delightful fusion, crafted with love by founder Lisa. With humble beginnings at London's East End Broadway Market, Yum Bun now has permanent residencies in two iconic food halls - Old Spitalfields Market and Kerb's Seven Dials Market.

The brand's commitment to quality and sustainability sets it apart. Yum Bun sources at least 50% of its menu from vegetarian or vegan ingredients, and uses in-season British produce, outdoor-reared RSPCA assured pork, and sustainably-rated fish. In collaboration with Klimato, they offer a menu showcasing buns with the lowest carbon footprint. Additionally, their cooking oil is repurposed into biofuel by Olleco, and the company is dedicated to reusing, recycling, and diverting waste from landfills.

Yum Bun's delicious, ethically-conscious buns prove that food on the fly can be both appetizing and environmentally friendly, making it a must-try destination for street food enthusiasts.

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