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Tom Brady's 'Brady Brand' sports performance apparel launches

Brady Brand Sports Apparel

Gisele Bündchen's husband, Tom Brady, launched a new line of sports performance apparel called Brady Brand. Following in his wife's fashion model footsteps, Brady can be seen on the official website stoically standing in black and white, decked out in Brady.

“Today is officially the day after three years in the making. Brady brand is officially launched,” Brady said in an announcement he posted on Twitter. “Every item's unique, it's innovative, and it's got great function and purpose.”

Despite just launching, BRADY has already declared itself "the world's finest performance wear" on their website. The "apparel for athletes by athletes" features subdued, simple color schemes and branding.

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The "cool touch short sleeve" and "zero weight short," both running for $75, have already sold out, according to the Brady online store. Apparently, customers are hoping some of that 'seven-time-Super-Bowl-winning' mojo comes through in the clothing.


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