November 1st, 2021

Momentive's Rebrand


Karen Budell, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Momentive, talked about using their own technology to develop their new brand, the experience of rebranding a publicly listed company, and the importance of getting feedback.

What prompted this major rebranding? How did that conversation begin?

On June 9, 2021, we relaunched our corporate brand SurveyMonkey as Momentive, a new kind of agile experience management company. The SurveyMonkey product brand is still the core surveys offering in our portfolio, but it’s no longer the name on our buildings so to speak.

As SurveyMonkey, we created and defined the survey software category over the last two decades, but the name and its associated perceptions struggled to stretch beyond our self-serve origins and showcase the full breadth of our enterprise offerings.

We’ve been so successful at building up the SurveyMonkey brand, but a lot has changed since 1999. We needed a new chapter to tell our expanded story.

Today as Momentive, we're empowering decision-makers to act with speed and agility. Our solutions span five categories that help people shape what’s next: brand insights, market insights, employee experience, product experience, and customer experience.

What was the rebrand process like? Who were the major players in this rebrand?
Can you tell us more about Momentive’s logo design? How was it developed?
Green is very prominent across your subsidiaries. What do you think makes green very effective for Momentive brands?
Aside from the name, logo, and colors, what other key elements of visual or brand identity were developed?
What was the process of finally launching Momentive?
Have you surveyed your fans about what they think about the rebranding? What has been the response so far? 
What is a major takeaway or lesson you and your team have gleaned from rebranding SurveyMonkey to Momentive?