September 27th, 2021

Movable Ink's Evolution


Lindie Gerber, Executive Creative Director at Movable Ink, talked about Movable Ink's brand evolution, how they use magenta as a powerful differentiator, and the five-year-long process of evolving their brand.

Can you introduce us to Movable Ink and the story behind its initial branding?

Movable Ink was founded in 2010 by Vivek Sharma and Michael Nutt when they recognised the need for email to be a more dynamic and relevant communication channel for marketers and consumers.

We were intentional with standing out from all others in the martech brandscape by being approachable and fun all while remaining innovative and creative. 

This dedication to our brand attributes set the foundation for our brand as a whole and is reflected in our initial logo with the use of a sans serif type combined with a magenta inkblot as a symbol.

Movable Ink’s initial logo.

When our founders assessed the landscape of email, it was revealed that email service providers were mainly geared toward the infrastructure and data side of email marketing. But, customers don’t experience data, they experience content. And as a result, exposing the need for personalized content as a focus.

So Movable Ink activates any data into personalized content in any customer engagement. The platform easily connects to all relevant data updates (no matter where it lives) based upon a recipient's most recent interactions, and is auto-generated by the platform.

You call this a ‘brand evolution’, instead of a rebranding. What would you say is the difference?
Can you walk us through the brand evolution process?
Can you tell us more about your use of magenta in your visual identity?
What about the story behind your new logo? Can you tell us more about this?
How did the slogan ‘Magic Behind Your Marketing’ come about?
What are your biggest takeaways from this experience?

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